Research Proposal on Quality of Life

Quality of life is the indicator of the satisfaction of the basic and secondary needs of an individual in the country. The indicator of the quality of life reflects the economic condition of the country objectively, because if the country is developed and has high rates of production, the financial situation of an average citizen is favorable. The problem of quality of life has always been relevant, because everyone wants to live in the appropriate healthy conditions and have the opportunity to satisfy himself with the basic physical, spiritual, cultural, and other needs. It is obvious that the indicator of the quality of life is a controversial issue, which has two approaches: objective and subjective ones. The objective approach defines the real factors, resources and products of the material and spiritual value for the normal life of an individual. If the physical and spiritual needs are satisfied, if the person has the chance for her own development, education, etc, the quality of life is positive. From the point of view of the subjective approach, quality of life depends on the personal ambitions, dreams and desires on an individual.

One is glad to have a cheap car and middle-sized apartment, the other requires a luxury automobile and a large house to satisfy his needs. Of course, the government of the country focuses on the objective approach and creates laws, decisions and solutions which provide an individual with the basic elements required for the normal life. The further accumulation of wealth and improvement of the quality of life to the personal level depends on the individual.

Quality of Life Case Study

Quality of life is the serious issue which bothers everyone all over the world. People want to live in the favorable conditions and have equal opportunities for the improvement of their life. The student is able to study the problem on quality of life in the research proposal which discusses the topic in detail and explains its relevance, importance, functions, factors of influence, etc. The student is able to compare the quality of life in different parts of the world, compare the social classes and suggest the possible methods of the improvement of the quality of life for the average person on the planet.

A research proposal is aimed to persuade the professor in the quality of the selected topic for the investigation and the student is able to see how to organize the paper well looking through a free example research proposal on quality of life prepared by the experienced writer. It is reasonable to use a free sample research proposal on quality of life to learn about the right manner of the convincing writing, constructing of the text and demonstration of the evidence.


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