Albert “Fish” Hamilton Essay

Albert was placed in an orphanage because his father passed away and his mother was unable to care for him. This example can be easily seen as Albert not having any true upbringing or direction in his young life, which is an important age of developing values and knowing right from wrong. Another aspect of psychopathology settling In and developing at a young age is aggressiveness. “The type of aggression and hostility demonstrated by a future criminal often Is foreshadowed in unusual aggressiveness as early as age five or six” (Fagan, 1995).

According to Beardsley (2013), Fish was interviewed while incarcerated and stated that while at an orphanage from five years old to nine years old, “That’s where got started wrong. We were unmercifully whipped. I saw boys doing many things they should not have done. “This type of behavior Is seen In many of the accounts of Fish being mentally unstable. Fish would lure children away from their homes, torture them in various ways Including using a paddle laced with sharp nails, and then rape them” (Montanan, 2013).

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The ultimate crimes that Fish committed were murder, Diana, and cannibalism. An interesting perspective that psychologists would note when interviewing Fish when going through the trial stage was Fish appeared to be kind, gentle, polite, and a good father. Issues in Development Criminals such as Albert Fish have developmental disabilities. Albert did not know right from wrong. Being In an orphanage at a young age, around abnormal and deviant behavior, Albert believed that these actions were permissible in society. Albert was whipped and molested.

Part of Albert having sexual relations with males as because Albert was getting molested by men and did not know that these actions or type of relationships were illegal and frowned upon. Based upon the societal reaction theory, “the Imagination of our appearance to the other person; the imagination of his Judgment of the appearance, and some sort of self-feeling such as pride or mortification” (Greek, 2005) can be asserted when looking at Albertan state of mind when committing deviant acts. Albert grew up to develop notions of permissibility In the sexual and violent acts, and therefore did not think about inconsequential.


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