A certain group of animals and plants Essay

Food Web My food web consists many things that the web can be endless. To make things short I will I will explain a part of it. In my food web there is plankton, trout, a mayfly, dragonfly, a frog, salamander, a snake, a bald eagle, and me. In this web the plankton is eaten by the trout, dragonfly, and mayfly. The mayfly is eaten by the trout, salamander, and frog. The dragon fly is eaten by the trout, frog, and salamander. The frog is then eaten by the snake. The salamander is eaten by the snake and bald eagle.

Then the trout is then eaten by the bald eagle and me. The picture below is a visual of everything I Just went over at the top. Niche A niche is a specific area where an organism inhabits. Making my niche the place that I live and occupy. My niche is my house. It is a single story home with four bedrooms and with two and a half bathrooms. With a small yard and pool as the outside of my house. My role in my niche is to keep my area of it clean and in order so everything is in its place. Everyone that also lives in the same niche as me also sees what they need to do to keep our place clean.

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The picture below is an example off similar house that I live in. Boom A boom is a geographical area that is very large in size. Each boom as a certain group of animals and plants that come with it. Examples of biomass are the tundra, desert, grassland, and wetlands Just to name a few. The boom that I live in is the chaparral boom. It is very much like a desert except it receives more rainfall a year. Most of the plants in my boom are low lying plants that can retain water in their eaves.

The picture below is an example off chaparral boom. Ecosystem Ecosystems is the total combination of living and nonliving organisms in a specific area. My ecosystem is Los Angles. In my ecosystem there are tall buildings and lots of cars rushing to their destination. There are also lots of people always on the go. My ecosystem can sometimes be quite overwhelming to live in but Witt time you get use to it all. There is also lots of birds flying around in the sky. The picture above is a visual overview of my ecosystem.


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