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Erisa Rei Music

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Erisa Rei’s relationship to her music is not a “love affair”... it’s a torrid, sultry, and passionate romance that has defined her existence for over two decades. Her lyrics tell the tale of the long miles between then and now, and her music cries out with every heartache and triumph along the way. From a whisper to a shout, from a growl to a tear, Erisa Rei feels each moment of her life deeply and invites the world to share it through her music.

Raised on the wide green country outside Illiopolis, Illinois, Erisa’s romance with the music began innocently enough, as a singer in the church choir. As a child, her family moved a few miles north to Lincoln, and it wasn’t long before she was writing hymns for her church. From there, the music filled her head and her heart. Years went by and her talent bloomed as she found her home in the roots-rock/ Americana genres. In the embrace of the music, Erisa was swept away, transforming the joy, anguish, and passion of her journey into heart-catching chords and lyrics that came together in 2007 with a four-song EP titled “Backwards”, which earned respect for her art from professionals in that genre.

Today, Erisa is back in the fresh air and tall grass – this time in Spring Hill, Tennessee. With experience, maturity, and a few more miles under her belt, she’s taking her music to a whole new level. Her latest project, “Black Ball” is a defining work, a vital and vibrant cry into the night that is already drawing industry attention.

This pulse-pounding compilation hit the scene in January and has already made its mark on Americana radio charts. “Black Ball” commanded the #2 spot on the Root Music Report's Roots Rock internet charts, #27 on the Roots 66 charts, and burned up the track on the AMA charts. The allure of Erisa’s music is even more potent on the stage where she strikes sparks and shares the fire with every live performance.

Recently, Fred Cannon and Rose Drake – the visionaries behind the Creative & Dreams record label – felt that very heat at one of Erisa’s shows. Sitting in a deli in Franklin, Tennessee, with producer Paul Buono, they were intrigued by her mojo under the lights and, after speaking with her, they felt the fire burning deep in her bones. Inspiration struck (as it always does) and 2013 will see a New Erisa Rei released under the Creative & Dreams label.

Anything worth loving is worth fighting for, and Erisa Rei has come on the scene swinging.

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