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Cole Washburn

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Cole Washburn has a vision to reignite a passion for lyrical beauty in songs that capture the heart. Cole is currently
working with USR and Gravity Nashville to release his debut record "Traveler's Moon." "Music has always been a way of expressing my innermost feelings and thoughts." says Cole.

Here's what Cole has to say about his new EP “Traveler’s Moon”

“I’ve been writing these songs for about two years now. Sometimes I would get just a few lines or a chorus and then file it away for a few months. Other times, like with Anastasia, I wrote that pretty much all at once. Each song has a special meaning to me. The first track “Anastasia” is really a song about addiction, recovery and redemption. Not only does the guy get his life together he also re-unites with the love of his life. So as sad as it may start out, it really is a song full of hope. Its funny with that one cause I have a friend named Anastasia and she kinda dared me to write a song with her name in it. So that was the catalyst, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I was very honored to have the legendary Phil Madeira play on this as well as the extremely talented Kyle Everson and Anna Register. The while process was a complete blast, to be honest.

The second song “Beautiful to Me” is really a love poem set to music. I kind of had the scene from “Pride and Prejudice” in my head where she is standing on the cliffs and her dress is blowing in the wind. This guy is enthralled with the beauty of a woman who has stolen his heart and hidden it away. My producer, Mike Musick, and I really tried to capture the romantic nature and feel of the story in the music. I’m hoping we succeeded.

The third track “Head Above The Water” is one of those songs that was completely different when I first wrote it. It really sounded more like a Pop ballad of some kind. Honestly it was a little cheesy so I kind of let it go for a while and came back to it. Now I’m just very excited about the track. I dug into my inner Bruce Springsteen and then added a little bluegrass and banjo and the incredible vocals of Anna Register. So far it really is the one that seems most inspiring to me.

The fourth track I knew was going to be a challenge from the start. I grew up in Franklin, TN which is the home of the Civil Wars “Battle of Franklin” Not far from where I lived was the Plantation home of Carrie McGavock who, with the help of her husband John, helped build one of the largest private Confederate cemeteries in the nation. The Widow is basically her story and the chance for the soldiers to pay their respects to the one who “gave them a restful home”

The fifth track on the CD is the title track “Traveler’s Moon”. I’ve always been fascinated with the fact that the light of the moon is a reflection of the light of the sun. And basically this song gave me the opportunity to encourage people along their journey knowing that the sun and moon were set in place to govern the day and the night and to remember that none of us are ever truly alone.

The final track we added on here was really meant to be saved for the full album (due out before Christmas 2014) but I wanted to share with folks a little bit of my funnier side. I’ve always been so serious with my music but Ol Will Brown is my chance to change that a little. I’m still not sure what inspired this song except a street in TN called Will Brown and a few beers. hahaha…

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