Daniel Barenboim Essay

This was a great Lecture of Daniel Baronies, I enjoyed the way he talked about everything, I enjoyed the way he talked and played the beginning ‘Tristan and one of my favorites movies, reminds me of Romeo and Juliet.. And he seemed to have a great sense of humor, a lot of laughter. I liked how he used this to his lecture “Already in infancy the child is more often than not made more and more aware of what he sees and not about what he hears. And it is also, let’s face it, a meaner of survival. When This makes it very understandable.

I also liked this part of the lecture “l think that many musicians, professional and student, could get a lot more out of music than they do now. I think that in the end a lot of what made them start with music is forgotten, and it becomes a, err a, a pattern of life instead of a way of life. ” In the end, we decide what we want to hear or what we want to listen too, sometimes we need to appreciate all those notes we hear, because if you really think about it in the end, not a lot of people are lucky like you and I. Daniel Baroness’s lecture, The Neglected Sense, was a great lecture.

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The words he says throughout the lecture can be associated with the things that are happening around each person. I also found it so interesting, his understanding of music, stories and drama throughout his lecture, His lessons don’t only relate to some people but to all people. He stated an example why the ear is “probably the most important organ in the body” and the supports on how that’s true were revealing. Now, when the baby is born, in many cases – in fact in most cases – the ear is totally neglected. Everything is centered on the eye. The ears significantly affect our mood and memories as well as our ability to focus and concentrate.

In today’s society we tend to forget how important these organs are and the potential that they have. This visually dependent society focuses more on the use of sight rather than hearing. For example when you teaching a small child how to cross the street, what do you say? Look to the right, look to the left, see that no cars are coming otherwise you will be run over. Therefore you depend on your eyes for survival. Hearing taps into the sense of feeling as you can feel the music penetrate your body which allows even those who are deaf to appreciate music. Overall I enjoyed listening to it.


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