Dead Poets Society Essay

Dead Poets Society is my favorite novel, it is actually a novel based after a movie. The movie was so successful they decided to make a novel after It. This assignment will be based after that novel. The book is written in a third-person narrative, the novel quickly introduces the character Todd Anderson who also Is one of the mall characters In the novel. Todd doesn’t speak much and you can tell that he is a very insecure young man. The plot begins with Todd being sent to the “Walton Academy’, a boarding school in Vermont, this Is also where the setting Is. Mr..

Keating is also one of the main characters, he is an English professor at the academy with a very different way of teaching. The students enjoy his classes, but the school board doesn’t approve as much. The principal, Mr.. Nolan Is very strict and he wanted everything to be exactly in his way which made him despise Mr.. Seating’s way to teaching. Mr.. Keating teaches the students that there are different perspectives to life and that the most Important Is that they have the power themselves to decide what they should or shouldn’t do, His goal is to make the students independent, “seize the day and make your lives extraordinary’ is one of Mr.

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Keating favorite quotes. Mr.. Keating was also the fielder of a club named “Dead Poets Society” which the boys In his class eventually recreates Toddy’s roommate is called Neil Perry, he is another main character, a very talented and brave boy. HIS father on the other hand Is very strict when It comes to Nell and he is not allowed to explore his talents outside of school, he is only allowed to focus on schoolwork. Neil is very shy with his tatter and has a lot to respect which results In not Liking to confront helm_ Since his father has such a strict way of raising his son,

Nell doesn’t dare to tell his father that acting is one of his passions in life. Because of Mr.. Seating’s teaching Neil gains confidence and eventually he gets the courage to tell his father about his passion for acting even though he was sure how his father would respond. Knell’s father Is an example of a foil character because he Is so strict and doesn’t allow his son to be what he wants to be so he serves as a foil to Neil. Except trot Neil and Todd, there are tour other boys in the same class who join the Dead Poets society and they start having meetings where they read poems out loud to each other.

Mr.. Keating also helps Todd Anderson, In the beginning he TLD dare to read out loud In class but as time went by he gained confidence and eventually he was able to write his own poem and read it to the class. Todd is a growing character that goes trot shy and insecure to independent and brave. As see it Todd, Neil and Mr.. Keating are all protagonists In the book. Neil is both a round and dynamic character because he is the one that changed most very complex. The static character in the book is the principle, Mr.. Nolan. He remains the same through the entire book and is not open for any changes.

The flat character the book is a boy named Charlie, one of Toddy’s and Nil’s friends. He is not talked about a lot and he is only in the book filling a simple role. The protagonist in this story is both Nil’s father and the teachers at school. Nil’s father refuses to listen to his son and forbid him to act, this makes Neil depressed and he loses his greatest passion in life and doesn’t see any point of living. The teachers are also protagonists since they won’t approve with Mr.. Settings teaching. They believe that Mr.. Keating makes the students unfocused and that he puts wrong pinions and values in their minds.

Mr.. Seating’s teaching is completely different from the other teacher’s but he is the one that helps the boys find their own path in life. It can be very hard to be your true self in the presence of others but Mr.. Keating makes is happen. An inciting incident in the book is that Mr.. Keating tells his students to follow their dreams and to seize the day. No one forced Mr.. Keating to challenge his students, but he found it necessary. The rising action in the story is when the Dead Poets Society begins, the boys begin to have meetings and they all change a little bit as individuals.

As we approach the end of the plot, we reach the climax. It’s a very tragic ending, Neil puts an end to his life after his father took his happiness in life away from him. He steals his fathers gun and commits suicide. After this everything changes, the school board blames Mr.. Keating for his death, he loses his Job as a teacher at the Walton Academy and the students go together in an desperate act to get him back. The resolution of the story happens when Mr.. Keating go back to his classroom to grab his last supplies, on his way out Todd stands upon his desk.

It is a revolt against the school board who fired Mr.. Keating. Toddy’s sudden decision to revolt leads to other students doing the same thing and shortly almost every student in his class stand on their desk. I believe the title of the book and also the name of the club, Dead Poets Society is an example of foreshadowing of Nil’s death. Neil really enjoyed poems and he was very artistic and eventually he committed suicide which I connect to the title. The title of the book is also a metaphor since the Dead Poets Society was actually a dead club which the boys revived and it all ended with a death among the boys.

If you look at the book in different perspectives you can find that there are more than one theme in the book. One theme is “seize the day’, a quotation used numerous times by Mr.. Keating. Another theme in the book is that you should try to go out of your comfort zone and try new things. I also consider how a leader can affect a group of people a main theme in the book since Mr.. Keating was able to show the class a whole new perspective of looking at life. From different directions and give people hope and encouragement that it is okay to do what you want in life. The only person making the decisions in your life should be yourself.

Poetry is what helped the boys in the movie, Mr.. Keating made them read a lot of poems that helped them realize their role in life. The mood in the book is sentimental, it brings up a lot of feelings while reading it, both happiness and sadness. You feel sorry for the boys who have such a hard time in life not having the opportunity to follow their heart because of their parents for example who sometimes stands in their way. I also think the story is uplifting, it makes you reflect over your lifestyle and it makes you wonder what you want to do ND it shows you that we have the power to do whatever we like.

The only one stopping us from following our dreams is ourselves. The book has a serious tone and I’m sure many of the readers began reflecting about their lives after reading it. I could find one symbol that kept returning in the book and that was candles, they mentioned candles repeatedly throughout the plot. When the boys have their meetings they pass a candle while reading poems and that is a typical example of the light of knowledge which is represented by the candles. They boys learn from the poems and the candles guide them. The book resembles a lot of similar events in life, it shows us the power a leader can have.

I can connect that to both good and bad leaders, for example in dictatorship where the leader has a very bad influence over the country. Mr.. Keating on the other hand influenced the boys in a good way. It also remind me a lot of my teacher back in Sweden that I find very inspiration, this teacher encouraged me to follow my dreams and also made me realize the importance of having the power of making your own decisions in life. This teacher remind me a lot of Mr.. Keating and that is one of the reasons why I like this novel very much.


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