Discuss the importance of pavel in the boy Essay

‘Discuss the importance of Pale’ In the novel ‘The Boy In the Striped Pajamas’ the author is giving his viewpoint on the “death camps” of the Second World War. John Boone said “As a writer, one must approach the subject with respect and sensitivity but there’s also a responsibility to tell an emotionally honest story. ” In my opinion, telling the story through the eyes of a nine year old German boy the author tackles the subject of the Holocaust sensitively, innocently and from a surprising angle.

Therefore, he does not delve into the reasons why these events took place but allows the more mature reader to realism the Inferences and Implications that he makes about the horror and inhumanity of ‘The Final Solution. ‘ In addition, in order to show the reader his viewpoint the author uses the character of Pale to enable the reader to recognize not only how cruel The Final Solution’ was, but also the courage and bravery of the prisoners of war. Firstly In the physical appearance of Pale we are given an insight into how he was treated.

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The quote ‘he was quite a small man, and very skinny too, with long fingers and angular treasures,’ Implies to us that he is obviously malnourished. The words Very skinny Imply that he Is not Just skinny he Is gone beyond that. Further on In the story Pale Is described again, this time he is even worse than before. The quote ‘he seemed to grow smaller and smaller each week,’ suggests to the reader that he is very frail and over time; week by week his living conditions have got worse.

Another physical aspect is the uniform the prisoners were made to wear; because even though Pale is waiting In the house he Is soul made wear this uniform. In my opinion, they are made ear them almost to be shamed and as a constant reminder of who they were and that they were not free people. As well as Just physical appearance the author demonstrates the mental and psychological Impact it seems to be having on Pale. The quote the color that should have been in his cheeks had drained almost entirely away. HIS eyes appeared heavy with tears. Implies to the reader that he Is not healthy. The word ‘drained’ implies to the reader that almost the life Is being sucked out of him, but this has been over time and that he has being getting gradually worse. Also the word ‘heavy implies to the reader that he is very tired and like he is really giving up on life and no longer trying. I feel the author uses the progression of time to show how being In places Like death camps slowly ate away at the mind set of people and the cruelness they must have suffered.

So from page 83 when you first see Pale to his reappearance on page 142, there is a visible change in his mental and physical appearance. We are also shown courage and bravery when Pale helps Bruno when he is hurt. The quote your mother hasn’t returned yet, I’m afraid, said Pale, who was kneeling on the floor In front of him and examining the knee. I’m the only one here’ shows that although Pale knows there is no one there at the moment he is still taking a risk because at any moment a solider or his mother could arrive at the scene. Eel this shows Pale and his caring side. Another aspect the author highlights in using the character of Pale is the true disregard the Nazis t Off nothing but a waiter peeling vegetables; ‘before I came here I practiced as a doctor’ displays to the reader that no matter what you did before it is useless unless seen a useful skill by the Nazis. One’s race, ethnic origin or religious persuasion if not of Aryan nature overrode any skill set you once had. In other words you were less than a comparable human.

Through the eyes of Pale the author truly reflects how someone so skilled and intelligent could be made into someone so low and unvalued. During the novel Appeal’s relationship with some of the other people in the house is also shown by the author. For example on page 135 to 137, there is a passage with Bruno talking to Maria the maid. Firstly ‘only he told me then that he wasn’t really a waiter at al. Maria’s face froze a little’ the use of the word froze in this quote implies that this is quite a tense and awkward subject for Maria to talk about.

The quote ‘Pale is not a doctor anymore Bruno said Maria quietly suggests that Maria is quite uncomfortable and also the use of the word ‘quietly which infers that she is frightened of being overheard, and almost like she knows that it’s not something she should be discussing with Bruno. Also the quote ‘Bruno frowned and thought about it. I don’t understand he said. Few of us do, said Maria’ implies to the reader that even she is ensure about how the prisoner’s previous careers are of such disregard to the Nazi’s.

In my opinion the use of the part of Maria with Pale is to show that not all the members of the household are exactly like the Nazis and even some who should be have their doubts over the Nazis beliefs. The incident with Kettle when Pale accidental spills wine on him is used by the author to make the reader think for themselves and to emphasis the fact that the Nazis did not have any care at all for a person’s life. The quote What happened then was both unexpected and extremely unpleasant. Lieutenant Kettle grew very angry with Pale… Even though none of them could watch it made Bruno cry and Greeter pale,’ shows that even for Just one simple mistake the punishment could be fateful. Also as the author does not actually describe what happens to Pale it keeps the writing sensitive but to a more mature reader it is clear as to what has happened. Also the use of Pale lets Bruno see a different side to his father. For instance the quote ‘… And not even Father-stepped in to stop him doing what he did next’ shows the ruthlessness of the father and that Even though he had the authority to stop Kettle he didn’t.

Another quote ‘and while generally Bruno realized that Father was generally a kind and thoughtful man, it hardly seemed fair of right that no one had stopped lieutenant Kettle getting so angry at Pale’ shows that again Bruno is beginning to realism that his father may not be quite such the good solider he thought he was. In conclusion, John Boone successfully uses Pale to emphasis the inhumanity of the Nazis and how the human body and mind can be so brutally tortured but ones spirit and inner strength can endure even the worse that life can offer.


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