Flexi tab Essay

Flexible screens in a span of few years managed to create a lot of buzz and became he talk-of-the-town for every tech company around the world. It is a concept which is also very much accepted by the consumers. Tech giants like Samsung and LEG have all tried their hands on the latest concept of Flexible Screen through various Curved Televisions models since last year. Apart from Televisions Flexible Screen has also landed its reach into the smartened market through devices such as LEG Flex and Samsung Round.

However, none have tried this concept in the computer market and Flexi Tab-Book tries to fill this market gap. The trend towards flexible screen could be a great advantage for manufacturing Flexi Tab-Book. T is one ultimate product that can provides the power of a Laptop and Portability of a Tablet since what people want is flexibility of every nature, “People need, at the end of the day, a fully functioning PC as their primary device. But they also want the flexibility to use a tablet”Flexi Tab-Book expects to bridge the gap between PC’S and tablet, which many other competitors tried, but what keeps Flexi Tab-Book apart is its bendable K Touch display with detachable base that acts as a keyboard reface as well as a screen protector. However one the major question that arises for Flexi Tab-Book is “Why build a Laptop with a bendable display? Or Why is it required? ” Firstly, It’s a simple matter of possibility and who did it first.

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Secondly, its about owning a product that is one of its kind in the market and who are among the first to own it. Apart from that bendable screen on a laptop or tablet have its own unique benefits. The narrow viewing angle issue that is a problem in curved TV’s when you move too far off center from them becomes a feature on a portable device, as it offers seers a bit of extra privacy when in public. Also, curved screens can reduce glare when compared to flat ones, meaning that these devices could be used in the sun easier. Http://www. Nonintervention. Com/news/could-curved-screens-be-coming-to- laptops’). Hence bendable screens on laptops and tablets could prove to be both interesting and useful features to look forward. 1. Curved Screen :- Provides wider field of view than the straight screen. The elongated curved screen also provides improved brightness uniformity. 2. Laser Keyboard :- A laser keyboard is the latest in projection technology that wireless splays a virtual keyboard outline on smooth, flat and dull surface like wooden surface. 3.

Back stand :- It gives a proper support to the screen to stand 4. Case :- The flip case does not only protect the screen from the scratches but also protects the Tab if it were to drop down. It has a unique design and gives a classy look. 5. Camera :- There are two cameras one front camera of amp and one back camera of amp. And makes it convenient and satisfies the want for the photo lovers. 6. It can be used as a laptop also and as a tablet as it provides laser keyboard which want cause a problem to bent the cover as they want. Promotion


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