Snapper’s Target market Essay

Snapped understood consumers needs and potential of a growing health conscious market and targeted accordingly. Firstly, Snapped targeted according to lifestyle by directing marketing towards health-seeking individuals. Strategic geographic targeting launched Snapped on the USA East and West Coasts where demand for the product category was higher. Snapped also targeted demographically by age and gender, directing marketing efforts at male and female teens and 18 to 30 year olds. (Snapped Group, 2012).

Targeting Generation Y, Snapped identified that these consumers generally selected beverages based on fashion, taste and status’ (Keller, 007, p. 332) and developed their brand equity and marketing programs accordingly. (Scoff man, teal, 2005) Positioning Snapped is distinctly positioned in the market as a first mover and one of the leading ‘ new age’ beverage brands offering consumers a healthy alternative to sweet sodas (Keller, 2007, p. 329). Snapped achieves competitive brand positioning by communicating their category benefit as a healthy drink.

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Snapped is make out along an important point of difference (POD the all natural fun beverage, allowing them to charge premium prices as individual flavors, quality ingredients and labeling f higher value than price to their target (Keller, Bibb). Competitive analysis Competition grew as the ‘new age’ beverage era, acquired momentum (Appendix A). As well as competing against other entrants Into the ;new age’ beverage category, energy drinks, smoothes and sodas (Keller, AAA).

CUBE Model Snapper’s CUBE or more specifically the differential effect that brand knowledge has on consumer response to the marketing of that brand’ is positively characterized in that the company successfully builds upon their two sources of equity: brand awareness and brand image (Appendix B) (Keller, 2008, p. 48). Snapped Brand Awareness Recall and Recognition Snapper’s first source of CUBE, brand awareness is characterized by Snapper’s high brand recall and recognition.

It builds upon the first level of the CUBE pyramid by identifying the brand for consumers (Appendix C) (Keller, Bibb). Firstly, consumers can easily recognize the brand due to various identification factors, which make Snapped stand out. Secondly, factors that enable consumers to recall Snapped from memory includes repeated use of different brand elements consistently over time through various advertising medium therefore increasing familiarity (Keller, Bibb). Strong, unique and favorable brand associations are forged for the ‘new age’ beverage category (Keller, 2008).

High Brand Awareness Snapped is successful in increasing ease of recall and recognition by appealing to consumers various different senses across different touch points, resulting in a higher chance of becoming part of consumers consideration set (Keller, Bibb). Using consumer composed Jingles on the radio forges links in consumer’s minds through their sense of hearing. The catchy brand name, one of the most users friendly, consumer friendly names is imprinted in consumers’ minds both visually and through hearing (Keller, 2007, p. 1). Snapped fulfils the criteria for brand name guidelines (Keller, Bibb). Snapped is short, easy to pronounce, has a pleasurable cadence and rhythm and provides a meaningful link between the words ‘Snap’ and ‘Apple’ inciting connotations of energy and fresh fruit, the core product offering of Snapped (Keller, AAA). Also Snapped appeals to consumers’ sense of sight. Bright creative and unique packaging and labeling provides a means for consumers to identify the brand among the saturated beverage market.

Snapped is distinguished further by packaging in single serve wide mouthed glass bottles rather than rotational cans, providing another POD and identification factor (Keller, AAA). Product placement within movies also provides a sense of usage situation, increasing brand breath for consumers to remember and later recall. Additionally, experience is a key aspect of higher recall due to its ability of increasing the strength of associations so feel is important (Keller, Bibb).

Snapped provides a unique wide range of exotic flavors unlike any other brand and allows consumers to increase first hand experience through unusual organized events and free samples at beaches and street corners (Snapped Group, 2012). Another brand element attractive brand awareness is titillate Fruits’ characters who create a brand personality (Keller, 2007, p. 341). These characters create perceptions of fun, enhance likeability amongst the targeted young consumers and cut through market mess inciting higher recall and relationships with Snapped (Keller, Bibb).

Besides this, Snapped uses other promotion tactics such as controversial celebrity endorsers like Howard Stern who by providing an element of shock aims to attain and remain in consumer’s long-term memory. (Snapped Group, 2012). Spokeswoman Wendy the Snapped lady also provides arsenal and genuine interaction with the brand and is a likeable brand element (Keller, 2007, p. 331). Snapped has been successful at enhancing brand awareness by providing various but repeated rational touch points for consumers.

However, improvements on the breath of awareness could be made. Snapped could provide a range of different usage situations to identify with, enabling higher ease of recall and recognition. Contradictions, which weaken CUBE, should be avoided. (Keller ,2007, p. 342). Snapped Brand Image The second element of brand knowledge: brand image, is basic to Snapper’s CUBE (Keller, Bibb). Consumers have perceptions and form relations with Snapped. Snapped wishes to be characterized by a brand mantra such as: healthy, real and exciting (Keller, AAA).

However, the perception of the brand image will be determined by consumers experience with Snapped and will depend on the strength, variability and uniqueness of their relations (Keller,Bibb). Snapped wishes to form a positive brand image and build upon the blocks of the CUBE pyramid to achieve brand resonance, capturing market share through consumer loyalty. Simple Snapper’s brand image in consumer’s minds is characterized by its brand benefits, attributes and general consumer attitude toward the brand (Keller, Bibb).

Attributes Firstly, Snapper’s brand image is characterized by product related attributes. Its products are natural and healthy, where 95% of Snapped teas come from India. (Snapped Group, 2012). Features important to consumers include: ‘distinctive taste, quality elements and clean labels’ (Keller, 2007, p. 332). Snapped proclaims its products are ‘Made from The Best Stuff on Earth’ (Keller, 2007, p. 329). An original weakness exists at this level, as scientific proof uncovered the truth that Snapped was no more than 10% Juice and calories were as high as sodas.

False claims and failing to deliver on core product attributes marked Snapper’s image by lack of trustworthiness (Keller, AAA). Non-product related attributes also characterize Snapped where premium pricing infers high quality associations in consumer’s minds (Keller, Bibb). Also, brand personality presents Snapped as genuine, fun, excite and innovative. Snapped portrays these associations through their original advertising, labeling, as well as attractive Snapped inspired artwork allowing strength and uniqueness in associations.

Snapper’s usage imagery is favorable, mainly targeting he young, vibrant, active but also ‘real’ where the product priced at a premium is still available to everyone (Keller, AAA). Brand benefits Secondly, Snapper’s brand image is characterized by brand benefits. Snapped goes beyond a simple functional level. Brand benefits are also symbolic, promoting high social belongingness as Snapped achieves near faction status. Snapped encourages responding to consumer requests and naming their drink proposals after them. (Keller, AAA). Experiential benefits of the brand are gained through all senses.

Unusual varieties of tastes, strong unique packaging design, associated Jingles and a tout sized bottle peal to consumer senses. Snapped aims to uphold this brand benefit by promising toymaker sure it tastes good, smells good and looks good’ (Keller, 2007, p. 329). Attitudes Thirdly, Snapper’s brand image is characterized by consumer’s overall attitude towards the brand, which helps Snapped move to a higher level on the CUBE pyramid: Judgment (Keller, Bibb). It is important for Snapped brand managers to understand the enduring nature and power these attitudes have on consumption behavior.

The general reactions are that ‘Consumers loved Snapped’ and that Counterespionage’s costive feelings in consumers’ (Keller, 2007, p. 331). There is huge consumer devotion and participation by communication through letters or at events, where one young consumer even felt Snapped should be a holiday. This is mainly positive for Snapped who rely heavily on positive word of mouth (Keller, AAA). Weaknesses and strengths The CUBE model proposes that the power of a brand is determined by what resides in the minds of consumers (Keller, Bibb).

Snapped marketers need to ensure consumers have correct, consistent brand knowledge to successfully enhance brand equity and achieve brand resonance (Appendix C). The associations with Snapped as seen to be mostly strong, favorable with a unique culture behind the brand (Keller, AAA) Conclusions and Recommendations Snapped proved its potential at determining market gaps and understanding consumer’s needs but more importantly for its brand, mind share achieved through strong, favorable and unique knowledge formation (Keller, AAA). Also, Snapped has a chance of achieving brand resonance.

Firstly, Snapped needs to understand the importance of a combination of a good product with a separate identity and act more time after time upon its brand image and position. Consumer confusion about what Snapped really stands for damages CUBE (Keller, Bibb). Balance between innovation and core brand value is needed, where Snapped reinforce and revivalist with small adjustments. Good communication and involvement from the public is highly recommended while maintaining a limited range of beverage categories to establish a firmer place within the ‘new age’ beverage category.

Secondly, if Snapped is to succeed, understanding the importance of core claims on consumer perceptions and behaviors is key for Snapped. Dependability is essential to their brand offering and positioning. Snapped needs to ensure honestly in product attributes. Listings believable endorser’s opinion will validate health claims and regain consumers. Thirdly, Snapped needs to focus more distinctly on abstract POD as new players drink, so easily replicated within fast moving consumer goods (Keller, Bibb).

Snapped should ensure continuation of successful brand elements which offer distinctive associations of a truly genuine and creative brand. Focus on distinct abstract points of difference as functional benefits are easily copied within the fast moving food industry. Provide a consistent brand identity, the first step on the consumer based rand equity model. This should be implemented by limiting product extensions. Provide a real, honest and credible core brand benefit of authenticity.

Snapper’s core is based on authenticity. This should be up help by ingredient listings or credible endorser’s opinion. Appendix Appendix A: Soot analysis (Keller, AAA) Internal to Snapped brand Strengths External factor Consistent employment of various brand elements contributing to higher brand equity- Functional but also abstract attributes- Good brand awareness and strong image. Opportunities First mover-offers unique points of difference-Experienced management in Atria and Catbird.


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