Street Car Essay

The first thing that we all notice while watching the movie Is the “black and white” color used in filming it. The director Elli Kane tries to portray the way movies from back in the day were since they didn’t have the color cameras. I acknowledge that the director chose the right actors to play the different personalities involved in Tennessee Williams’ book. The only bad part according to me is that there was no improvisation; they Just pretty much did everything that was written in Tennessee Williams’ book.

The setting of the play described exactly how undeveloped the technology was back In the day and showed how “dirt bags” Like Stanley dressed like. Stanley and Stella didn’t live the life of the rich or middle class, they leaved in a tiny apartment which got Balance to wonder why Stella left their town to live In this pig style in New Orleans. The music used in this era was a lot more instrumental. By that I mean it was mainly Jazz or orchestra music. One of the mall parts in the movie were the music Is when Stella is walking down the stairs after hearing Stanley screaming her name and skiing for forgiveness.

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If you haven’t noticed, It looks Like she Is the one following the beat of the song, the song follows HER movements. Kane the director had a great vision of what Tennessee Williams’ play was all about. There were a lot of similarities between the movie and the book. But the there were only four main points that stroke me the most. Of course it was very obvious of what Stanley will look like; a lowlife man with no class who things he has an almighty authority over everyone, even his friends. Balance although the youngest, still acts Like the more educated and mature one of the sisters. He seems to have a higher IQ in fashion than Stella and she feels like she doesn’t really feel like she has to obey Stanley dumb decisions. Another clear similarity was the fact that Stanley is the host and the leader of the pack. He clearly has great authority over everyone: Balance tries to deny that but the scene where he threw the radio out the window proved that in his house, he’s boss. Stella and Stanley relationship also show all the huge fights that bursts out between them, but they are able to put all that aside just to maintain he love.

Any good director has to try to add his own Ideas Into the movie; after all It is his movie. In my opinion, in the scene were Balance and Mitch were conversing by the bathroom, it looked more like she was trying to tease him instead of just a casual conversation. Not only Stella suffered in the movie after Stanley rage, everyone sort of came out with a little bruise but Stella suffered the most pain out of all. To add to the differences, I noticed a little detail when Eunice didn’t use the word “Pollack” hen she was insulting Stanley after he battered his wife Stella.

Tennessee Williams described what they were wearing at the beginning of the play, but In fact we can’t see what colors they were wearing with our own eyes because everything is in black in the relationship because Stanley went up crying to her like a little baby after the poker night incident. This clearly explains how Stanley needs Stella more than she needs him. And If I were to add a little something, I’ll make a romantic relationship between Mitch and Balance.


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