Thesis Documentation Essay

It is the thesis that proves that you have mastery in the subject matter. The thesis demonstrates that you are capable of finding solutions to significant problems. It shoo was that you can perform critical analysis and make sound technical decisions based on the findings. Most importantly, the thesis is proof that you can describe the project related activities and results in a well written scholarly publication, which is your thesis. 1. Your thesis is published by the SUN Library. It is available for inspection by anyone, throughout the world. Each graduate thesis bears the signature of this department.

Therefore, y our thesis just be written to a standard consistent with published technical work in profession al publications, such as: conference proceedings, GIG publications, and scholarly Journal A successful demonstration of the software product you have produced is clearly very important; a defense is not complete without such a demonstration. However, the demonstration n is seen only by the committee. In reality, you earn your degree with the thesis, not with the demonstration. Many students spend more time and energy in getting the demonstrate action ready and not nearly enough in writing the thesis.

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That is a poor choice that often results I delayed graduation. It is important that you schedule enough time for writing the thesis. By the time you start writing the thesis, you should have acquired sufficient writing sky ills in English. The preparation section, on the following page, provides some ideas on how you might accomplish this. 3. 2. DISCLAIMER This is a Work-in- Progress (WHIP) product; it is not the final release. Whereas, the guidelines in this document provide useful information, it has not yet been approved by the computer science department.

Until this document is approved and released by the department, please seek guidance e and advice from your committee chair on how you should write your thesis. Guidelines on Writing a Graduate Project Thesis (DRAFT- Revel June 9, 2011) 3. Writing your graduate project thesis is no simple task. It takes months of preparation and meticulous hard work. You need to work closely with your thesis advisor in getting the e thesis ready for committee review and defense. It is not uncommon for a student to produce e 4 to 5 drafts before arriving at a copy ready for distribution to the committee.

The thesis must be written in grammatically correct English and be easy to read. Do to expect your committee chair to copy edit your work. S/ he is there to give you guidance on technical issues on thesis writing, such as: thesis outline and topics to be covered. S/ he is not there to provide you lessons in writing English. If the draft you submit to the committee chair is not of reviewable quality, then s/he may return it for you to revise and resubmit. If you are an SSL student, or you need to hone your writing skills, then consider taking writing classes.

Passing the DEEP alone does not prepare you for writing a thesis. Seek oh t classes on writing technical publications. Also look for online resources on thesis writing. The C SUN English department provides individual 30 minute writing review sessions on proper use of g rammer and sentence structure. A graduate student can book one such review session per week. Check with the writing lab in the English department. Sometimes, you may find tutors who will c pop edit your work for correct use of English. Do not ask the reviewer or any external consultant NT to write ten tenses Tort you.

I Nat constitutes camel Lessons Any level AT camel assn onsets can have severe consequences, including the need for you to start your project over with n a new topic and a new proposal. Carefully consider the word processing and other utility tools, such as grammar and s Tyler checkers, that you will be using to write the thesis. Arrange to learn the techniques f or using the tool effectively. Tool issues are addressed further in section


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