Working student thesis Essay

Summary The mall purpose of the study was to determine the problems encountered by working students. Specifically, the following questions were answered: 1 . What are the problems encountered by working students: 1. 1 . Home 1. 2 -School I . 3 . Work 2. What suggestions can you give to solve the problems of working students? The result of the study revealed the following: % of the respondents were % were male. The % of the respondents aged 18-25 years old % aged 26-30 years old and % aged 31 and above.

According to the type of job, % of the respondents worked as part-time; of the respondents worked as full -time. 2. Problems at home interpreted as _problematic with the weighted mean of . Specifically, defined as _problematic because of the scale 3. Problems at school interpreted as _problematic with the weighted mean of the scale of appeared to be as 1 OFF problematic in weighted mean. Among the five specific problems, _problematic with the weighted mean of interpreted as 5.

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Most of the respondents suggested that working students like them must be Conclusions The researchers therefore conclude the following based on their findings are: 1 . The profile of the students showed that most working students were ND ranging the age of years old working as -time. 2. The highly problematic that the working students experienced at home was ; at school was Recommendations 1. Plan before enrolling. And about their work was 2. Practice time management. 3. Prepare a budget. 4. Learn to prioritize.


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